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We are pleased to announce that Swedish private equity company Procuritas has taken a majority stake in Nordic Biomarker. Together, Nordic Biomarker and Procuritas will continue building a world-leading coagulation diagnostics company.

Things are moving quickly at Nordic Biomarker. Only during the last year, the merger with subsidiary Medirox has been finalised and we have released two new products, our vWF Antigen and Protein C reagents. The most recent news is that Nordic Biomarker is partnering with private equity company Procuritas.

”Together with our new Swedish majority owner Procuritas, who share our vision for the company to become a leading global supplier of products for reliable coagulation diagnostics, we are now in a better position than ever before to continue to grow and to expand our product portfolio for coagulation diagnostics. We look forward to this partnership and a successful journey together!” says Rikard Rodén, CEO at Nordic Biomarker.

Procuritas has a strong track record of investing in companies that have the potential for transformational growth and are looking to accelerate Nordic Biomarker’s growth from a niche leader to a global challenger in coagulation testing.

Since the founding in 2007, Nordic Biomarker has grown from a small OEM manufacturer to a force to reckon with. In 2017, Nordic Biomarker teamed up with Medirox to provide an even broader range of routine and specialty reagents for IVD coagulation testing, offering both OEM products and CE-marked reagent kits. Nordic Biomarker had a revenue of 131M SEK in 2021 and has approximately 80 employees. This journey will continue with Procuritas as majority owner. Nordic Biomarker is investing significantly in research and development of new products and has several new products in pipeline.

”We are now positioned to accelerate our product portfolio expansion and to deliver the products that patients, physicians and the market needs”, says Rikard Rodén.

Johan Conradsson, Co-Managing Partner at Procuritas, comments:
“With our ageing population and the trend towards science-based health testing, we see great opportunities for Nordic Biomarker to continue its impressive journey. The company has high-quality products for patients, and holds a unique and competitive position in a growing market. There are strong organic growth initiatives in place as well as exciting potential for M&A, so we see a great future for this business.”

About Procuritas
Procuritas is a mid-market Nordic private equity investor, building up niche market-leading companies through transformative growth in service industry consolidations, digital consumer businesses, software and select industrial sectors.  As the longest-established private equity firm in the Nordics with a 35-year track record, Procuritas has carefully invested in more than 45 companies, accelerated their growth and helped them to realize their true business potential. The long-serving team is characterized by its passion for business, hands-on experience, enthusiasm, commitment to ESG-linked value creation initiatives and strong belief that they are allies in the quest to build strong and sustainable businesses. Read more at

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