"Changing the Balloon Manufacturing Game!!"


Alpha Zukunft GmbH

"Changing the Balloon Manufacturing Game!!"

View our unedited video showing the 1.5-minute process of making a high-quality 6x60 mm nylon balloon from a piece of raw extruded tubing. 

Blow-Molding: Blockwise Model FF induction heating balloon forming machine www.blockwise.com
Parison Forming: Blockwise Model TSE radial compression tube stretching machine
Process Development by ReCurve Medical www.recurvemedical.com
Extruded Tubing from Microcatheter Components www.microcathco.com

Applications: Balloon Forming, Balloon Wrapping (Folding), BES, PTA Balloons, PTCA Balloons, Balloon Expandible Stents, Stent Crimpers, balloon expandible heart-valves

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