Comprehensive Treatment: It’s All About Breathing

Comprehensive Treatment: It’s All About Breathing

Interview with Philipp Weber, Marketing Manager Oxygen Therapy, CoughAssist & RDD Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips GmbH Respironics


Image: Philipp Weber; Copyright: Philips GmbH

Philipp Weber

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Image: Woman sleeping sideways in bed with a breathing mask; Copyright: Philips GmbH

Around 200 million people worldwide suffer from COPD. At an advanced stage, a respiratory mask must be worn at night.

Products and exhibitors dealing with COPD care

Image: Breathing mask on a dummy; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Image: Man trains his respiratory muscles with a device; Copyright: Philips GmbH

In order to be able to live with the disease and to survive as long as possible without additional oxygen supply, it is important that COPD patients train their airways.

Bild: Katja Laska; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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