Architecture rather than antibiotics: patient room takes center stage

Architecture rather than antibiotics: patient room takes center stage

Interview with D. Eng. Wolfgang Sunder, Architect, Institute of Construction Design, Industrial and Health Care Building (IKE) at TU Braunschweig (Technical University of Braunschweig)


Image: Smiling man - Wolfgang Sunder; Copyright: private

Wolfgang Sunder

Image: The KARMIN room, with (from left to right) wet room, nursing area, bed and visitor zone at the window; Copyright: Tom Bauer |TU Braunschweig

Clever room planning reduces the transmission of dangerous pathogens in hospitals. In the KARMIN room, for example, the beds are positioned opposite each other instead of side by side. In addition, the routing for staff and visitors and the number of disinfection dispensers have been optimized.

Image: View into the KARMIN room, with the entrances of the bathrooms as well as the beds on the right and left, behind it at the window area a bench; Copyright: Tom

According to Sunder, awareness of infection prevention in buildings has recently increased significantly. In the "room of the future" care, treatment and cleaning scenarios will be tested in the future.

Image: Woman with short hair smiling - Anne Hofmann; Copyright: private

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