The ambulance procurement project of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia was delivered smoothly


Xi'an Landcom Digital Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

The ambulance procurement project of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia was delivered smoothly

As time goes by, now it has come to the last working day of 2022, the "LANDCOM" brand ward-type Ambulance Project purchased by the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, which was modified and manufactured by Golden Dragon gasoline vehicle chassis, was SUCCESSFULLY delivered and departed at the special vehicle factory of LAMDCOM on December 30, 2022.

The smooth delivery of the ambulance purchased by the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia once again proves that the health departments of public at home and abroad, private hospitals, emergency centers, and even government agencies have a high degree of recognition and deep trust in the brand and quality of "LANDCOM".

So far, LANDCOM Medical is the only high-tech manufacturer in China that has obtained both medical device production qualification and medical vehicle production qualification, mainly committed to the research and development, production and operation of four categories of medical products, including medical special vehicles, ECG measurement and analysis equipment, medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment, and telemedicine.

The Kingdom of Cambodia, referred to as Cambodia, is located in the Indochina Peninsula, with a land area of 181,000 square kilometers and a total population of about 16 million, of which 80% are Khmer and about 1.1 million are overseas Chinese. Angkor is located in the Cambodian landscape of Siem Reap province, and it is a symbol of the Cambodian nation and known as one of the four wonders of the East. The surviving Angkor monuments mainly include Angkor King City (Angkor Grand) and Angkor Wat (Angkor Lesser). Among them, Angkor Wat is the largest temple in the world, and its stone carving art is amazing.

However, Cambodia's economy is predominantly agricultural, with a weak industrial base and a very backward level of medical care. The poor people account for about 17.8% of the total population. On July 1, 2016, the World Bank announced that Cambodia had officially graduated from the least developed country and became a lower-middle-income country.

In short, the "LANDCOM" brand ward-type ambulance has been successfully delivered to Cambodia, and we believe that this guardianship ambulance will definitely provide a very reliable guarantee for the overall medical care level and physical and mental health of the local people in Cambodia.

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