Successful Showcase of One Drilling System at IDS Exhibition



Successful Showcase of One Drilling System at IDS Exhibition

In IDS Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, held last March, the dental industry witnessed a revolutionary advancement with the unveiling of the One Drilling System. This pioneering system redefines the dental implant procedure, simplifying it to a single drilling step, while taking the benefit of precision, efficiency, and patient comfort.

The standout feature is its gentle drilling, reducing pain during and after surgery, leading to faster healing. Precision is guaranteed as the specialized drill structure, enveloped entirely in a blade, eliminates the need for parallel pins. It guarantees that dental implants are placed with the utmost accuracy, contributing to long-term success rates.

A unique mechanism lies in the system's ability to collect autogenous bone. The drill's hollow design maximizes bone collection during the drilling procedure, utilizing the patient's natural bone for enhancing integration of implants. Dentists can easily disassemble the drill to collect bones, saving time and effort.

Notably, the One Drilling System is FDA-certified, meeting stringent standards for safety and efficacy.

One Drilling System was launched under our mission to satisfy customers and patients by providing an innovative product that will help easy & fast surgery, ultimately contributing to improve human oral health. We expect One Drilling System to reshape the landscape of dental implant surgery.

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