Presentation of new direct operated valves at HostMilano


A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Presentation of new direct operated valves at HostMilano

HostMilano - the largest Ho.Re.Ca. trade fair - took place in Milan from 13.10. - 17.10.2023. As a component manufacturer for the magic in coffee machines and dishwashers, A. u. K. Müller was not to be missed and presented innovations from the world of valve technology to the interested trade public.

The highlights in brief:
  • New, completely redesigned and maintenance-friendly series of 18.00 direct operated valves up to 16 bar
  • Gear pumps with adaptive pump head made of high-performance plastic
  • Expansion of the FitSys connector system to include components for flow measurement
New 18.00 series espresso valves presented at HostMilano
The topic of sustainability and maintenance optimization will be a particular focus for manufacturers at HostMilano in 2023. This also applies to the completely redesigned 18.000 series from A. u. K. Müller. The latest generation of direct-operated valves now offers more than just a greater variety of connections. A bayonet lock and a 45° counter-clockwise rotation of the solenoid coil allow the coil and valve body to be separated from each other, making it easy to maintain and clean the core, spring, seal and valve body without tools. This not only significantly extends the product life cycle and reduces the CO2 footprint. It also ensures better hygiene within the vending machine.

The new series of 18,000 valves will be available as 2/2-way (NC/NO, as well as media-separated) and 3/2-way versions. The valve will also be available in an angle version for the first time. This variant creates more options for installation in automatic machines and impresses with a flow rate that is up to 20% higher.

First gear pump with pump head made of high-performance polymer
For the first time, A. u. K. Müller presented a gear pump at HostMilano and is thus entering the sector of higher pressure ranges up to 6 bar following the great success of the vane pumps. The new concept offers the greatest possible variety and optimized, tool-free maintenance characteristics. "Maintenance-free" actually only means "dispose of after a certain interval". With a brushless motor, however, usually only the pump head needs to be replaced. The new concept is therefore easy on both the budget and the environment. A variety of motors and pump heads can be selected for different applications. Pressure ranges up to 4 bar are currently planned. Further higher pressures up to 10 bar are being planned.

For the first time, the elements of the pump head that come into contact with the media are made entirely of high-performance polymers. Lead injections - no matter how small - from non-ferrous metals are therefore increasingly a thing of the past. A wide range of pump heads ensures the greatest possible variety of connections.

Expansion of the FitSys connector system
The new FitSys catalog was presented at HostMilano. With it came some world firsts for expanding the system. For example, the prototype of a flow measurement turbine in the FitSys housing was presented for the first time at HostMilano, in order to reliably determine smaller measuring ranges from 0.1 l/min to 15 l/min (depending on the design). Thanks to the use of PPSU, the turbine will be suitable for hot water (up to 96 °C) and resistant to media.

A larger gauge for the patented FitSys manifolds was also introduced. This means that valve banks from series other than the 18,000 can now also be constructed. For example, a completely media-separated valve bank can be assembled from lever valves from the 47 series. This offers an even greater variety of connections.

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