KaiMi Biotech has created ingenious testing devices


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KaiMi Biotech has created ingenious testing devices

In MEDICA 2023, our innovative Unow™ multiplexing drug tests and first of its kind QiDix™ color-changing swabs will be highlighted.

KaiMi Biotech has successfully launched a series of breakthrough Unow™ multiplexing drug tests based on its proprietary user-friendly Unow™ technology platform. Those innovative drug tests have a number of unprecedent advantages over existing drug tests in the marketplace to meet many long unmet needs for users.

  • Only a small quantity of saliva sample (80 ml) is needed and sampling time (2s) is short to provide users convenience.
  • A color appearing indicator to tell users if enough saliva has been collected to give users confidence. The indicator also assures to avoid test inconsistency due to sampling errors.  
  • Tests can be run by a single hand with fewer steps than existing commercial tests. 
  • Integrated running buffers in the test devices allow users to avoid direct contact with liquid diluent and reduce potential contamination.
  • The results can be obtained in 5-10 minutes. 
  • Excellent detection sensitivity for all the common drugs of abuse. The detection sensitivity meets the standard cutoffs for most regions around the world.
  • Great flexibility for customerization for detecting different combinations of drugs in a single device to meet customer’s specific needs.
  • The tests have been registered in US FDA and have obtained CE marking.
QiDix™ color-changing swabs have always been KaiMi’s flagship products. QiDix™ swabs are immobilized with a proprietary color indicator to help users to assure that enough samples have been collected.  QiDix™ swabs are particularly useful for collecting samples for babies and kids, or patients who have challenges to collect samples by themselves.

  • The indicator can be triggered by body fluids such as saliva, nasal secretion, sweat, tears and urine, but not by water. 
  • The color change will not fade once triggered.
  • The color indicators consist of only safe food grade ingredients.
  • A number of types of QiDix™ swabs are available, ranging from flocked swabs, woven swabs and cotton swabs.
  • The swabs have been registered with US FDA.
Kaimi’s mission is focused on developing breakthrough medical diagnostic technologies and test devices that can be directly used everywhere by everyone.  Our motto is “Think different & Think simple”.  We strive to meet our customer’s needs through innovation and excellent customer services.  Please reach us by email: sales@kaimibio.com or stop by our Booth# Hall17A41-6  if you are interested in our products and potential partnership. We are open for different types of collaboration.

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