Innovation in focus - the highlights of the sample plate 2.0


Starlim Spritzguss GmbH

Innovation in focus - the highlights of the sample plate 2.0

By applying femto-laser technology to a silicone tool, starlim, the liquid silicone processor from Marchtrenk, Austria, is setting completely new standards. This tool shows up in the form of the new silicone pattern plate 2.0. With dimensions of 120 x 160 mm and a thickness of 2.7 mm, starlim presents it in the colors pale green, brown and black.

As part of the collaboration between starlim and Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH, a silicone mold has been created that has been refined through the use of femto-laser technology and processed in a way that was previously almost unimaginable. This refinement goes beyond purely aesthetic design by making hidden information on the silicone component possible in the first place. This unique combination of technical sophistication and creative design opens up entirely new horizons for product shaping and functionality.

The Pattern Plate 2.0 has numerous highlights to offer. A fascinating hologram attracts attention and remains fingerprint-free even when touched by human skin. In addition, the corners of the pattern plate have been given a special surface texture that reduces friction to other surfaces.

Scent & digital watermark
Another feature is the integrated alpine wood scent which combines the soothing properties of wood with silicone. The scent is continuously released and refreshed by contact with water.

With Digimarc's integrated digital watermark, you can access information about the product online and discover detailed product information and customized content. Download the Digimarc Discover APP and scan the surfaces of the sample board. You will be amazed at what is hidden behind the laser textures.

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