Freudenberg Medical Innovates with Advanced Hypotube Coating Automation


Freudenberg Medical

Freudenberg Medical Innovates with Advanced Hypotube Coating Automation

Galway facility addresses rising medtech demand with focus on safety and environmental benefits

Freudenberg Medical, a global CDMO for finished medical devices, components, and minimally invasive solutions, has amplified its production capacity by introducing an innovative coating process for hypotubes.  By embracing automation, Freudenberg not only meets expanding customer requirements but also delivers marked improvements in operator health and safety, and environmental protection.

Cardiovascular diseases stand as the paramount cause of death globally, representing a staggering 32% of global fatalities, per data from the World Health Organization.  Metal hypotubes, pivotal in cardiac catheters, play a significant role in deploying stents, reopening constricted coronary arteries, and averting heart attacks.  Current statistics indicate that in the U.S. alone, over one million patients annually receive an implanted stent.

The core challenge lies in coating hypotubes, crafted from medical-grade metals, which requires the utmost precision during application and thermal curing.  Freudenberg’s latest automation initiative has significantly boosted energy efficiency, reduced material waste, and enhanced operator ergonomics and safety with improved fixturing and robotic handling.  The coating material and associated chemical use has been cut in half with the automated process.  Enhanced automation encompasses multiple stages – from handling and loading of hypotubes to automated thermal curing – all processes focused on precision, operator safety, and sustainability.

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