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Factsheet oncgnostics

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Our tests detect epigenetic changes, namely DNA methylations, which are characteristic for cancer cells. Such highly informative biomarkers identified and patented by us form the core of our products and are the basis for our company.
Following marker and test validation as well as initial preclinical studies, our corporate strategy aims at working with international cooperation partners. After approval, the products will be marketed through licensing to cooperation partners as well as distributors.

GynTect®: The molecular biological test is used for clarification of abnormalities in cervical cancer screening. It determines whether there are already tissue changes that need to be treated. Six biomarkers are detected via PCR.
ScreenYu Gyn®: The test for cervical cancer, approved in 2022, is a further development of GynTect®, uses a single marker and serves as the basis for the development of a pure screening assay.
Under development:
• Test for the detection of head and neck tumours.
• Automated

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