CAREON HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. 'Quality Excellence Since 1991'


Careon Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd

CAREON HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. 'Quality Excellence Since 1991'

                                                                                        Quality Excellence Since 1991  


Careon is the largest and most advanced manufacturers of surgical gown, drapes, packs and wide range of surgical consumables in India, to control surgical site infections and protection to healthcare professionals.

Surgical site infections are happening because of the environmental conditions in the operation room and the usage of substandard medical disposables.Human skin is a natural barrier against infections. Incision in the skin during surgeries has a risk of surgical site infections.

It is no easy task to produce high quality single-use medical apparels to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and control surgical site   infections. Careon excels  in this area with the strength of  its team of experts and  highly qualified employees to provide advanced healthcare solutions that meet modern medical requirements. Careon has achieved the reputation of being the first Surgical Gown, drapes, and procedure pack manufacturing company in South India to achieve ISO 13485, CE, CDSCO - IMDR, Sedex, and GMP.

Dr. James George who has three decades long experience in manufacturing and marketing medical disposable products along with Mrs. Elsy James and Kora James leads the operations.

Currently, Careon has a pan India presence and occupies major share of   the market in Kerala, with exports to Europe, Middle East, Africa and currently exploring the global markets.

The company has the largest and most modern manufacturing facility in India with state-of-the-art 1,60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing  facility including 60,000 sq. ft. ISO Class 8 clean rooms, exclusively for production. Fourteen most modern Air Handling Units (AHU) are used to provide particle free air in clean rooms. There will be 25 to 30 Air Changes per hour in the clean room to provide particle free air to give utmost safety of the products manufactured in the clean rooms. Advanced imported manufacturing equipment is used for mass production for timely delivery of product in demand, really did enhance the brand image of Careon. The facility of three in-house Ethylene Oxide Sterilization plants validated as per European standard (EN ISO 11135) for sterilization, offer all products sterilized as per global standards.

For healthcare institutions and medical professionals, Careon offers customized solutions using fabrics indigenous and imported of different protection levels and comforts - high protection fabric means barrier to bacteria and virus and comfort comes from passing of air molecules - Sterile and easy to use surgical drapes and procedure packs that bear the logo of Careon are guaranteed to give total protection throughout surgical procedures.

Going beyond the production and marketing of medical disposables, the company now aims at total control of surgical site infections and has set strategic tie ups with companies and infection control agencies to educate hospital teams about its importance and implement effective preventive measures to reduce the hospital expense of patients by reducing hospital stay and excess use of medicine and antibiotics. Long time use of antibiotics can cause organ damages.

In reducing SSI, Careon is looking ahead to be a player in the multinational scene with global manufacturing and marketing facilities.


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