A patient suffering from a pulmonary embolism was saved, thanks to E6 CPR


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A patient suffering from a pulmonary embolism was saved, thanks to E6 CPR

During a hospital visit, a patient experienced a sudden pulmonary artery embolism. The emergency ECMO team at the First People's Hospital in Nanning, China quickly assessed the situation and used E6 CPR to resuscitate the patient's heartbeats, successfully.

In the early morning, the emergency department was disrupted by a call reporting that a patient had suddenly lost consciousness and experienced respiratory arrest in ECG waiting room. 

After three minutes, the medical staff in the emergency department transferred the patient to the resuscitation room where they efficiently carried out a series of resuscitation procedures in an orderly manner. These included endotracheal intubation, ventilator-assisted respiration, epinephrine static push, and the use of the E6 cardiopulmonary resuscitator for high-quality compressions. During this urgent emergency rescue, E6 CPR played an important and unforgettable role.

In the resuscitation room, the patient's blood oxygen still did not improve, combined with severe hypotension, repeated cardiac arrest. The medical staff gave epinephrine sedation and E6 chest compressions until the heartbeat was restored.

According to the patient's medical history, physical examination and auxiliary examination, the current diagnosis was: pulmonary artery embolism, severe obstructive shock, repeated cardiac and respiratory arrests, the condition was extremely critical, and the patient needed to be treated with intravenous thrombolysis combined with VA-ECMO.

After a thrilling day and night of rescue, the patient underwent a bedside ultrasound on the following day. The results showed that the abnormal echoes in the pulmonary artery had disappeared, the left and right heart chambers had restored to their original size, and the systolic-diastolic function had improved. Upon removal from the machine, the patient's indicators stabilized and they were pulled back from the brink of death.

The innovative devices like E6 CPR always play a crucial role in patient rescue. It comes with a compression probe that helps locate the patient’s thoracic height position, ensuring accurate and efficient compression. Moreover, it monitors the patient’s end-of-expiratory dioxide concentration, enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and resuscitation.

The Amoul® electric electronic control cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine can fully replace manual compression. It provides more accurate and effective compression frequency and depth, freeing medical personnel from physical labor during its wide range of clinical applications.

Amoul®'s  professional technical team operates around the clock to provide emergency assistance. They promptly respond to customers and take immediate action to increase the survival chances of the patients.

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