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KNF Neuberger GmbH

KNF presents product premieres at Compamed 2022 - Higher dynamics, smoother and faster flow – new diaphragm pumps for advanced medical devices and diagnostic technology

Every year, when fall comes along, it is time for Compamed, the international trade fair for medical technology in Düsseldorf, Germany. From November 14–17, KNF will be presenting the latest gas and liquid pumps for state-of-the art high-tech medical equipment supporting the latest technical trends.

Micro Diaphragm Pumps with Integrated Brushless DC Motor
Very early in its more than 75-year company history, KNF started considering pump drives and pump heads as a single unit. This approach was the recipe for success for the outstanding performance of KNF’s diaphragm pumps. KNF summarizes the range of this kind of motor, which are the result of decades of research and development, under the heading of “Digital Customization”.

The latest generation of KNF digital, brushless DC motors, known as DC-BI motors, makes its first appearance with the micro gas pump series NMP 830, NMP 850, NMP 830 HP and NMP 850 HP that will be launched at Compamed 2022. The DC-BI motor was developed in a joint project with a renowned drive supplier. The new design is particularly striking, with the motor bearing integrated into the pump housing. This increases the micro gas pumps’ compactness and robustness. The technical design of the diaphragm pumps’ drive shaft bearing reduces the load for improved durability.

Precise Dynamic Control for Lab-on-a-Chip Devices, VAC Pumps and Peritoneal Dialysis
The gas pump series NMP 830, NMP 850, NMP 830 HP and NMP 850 HP are great components for any application in medical device technology that relies on a combination of high performance and a small footprint.

The trend towards point-of-care diagnostics and therapy has been driving the concept of fully automatic device processes, or at least processes with reduced manual control. This means that diaphragm pumps that are integrated into microfluidic diagnostics systems, portable vacuum therapy devices or home dialysis systems need to be able to meet a more complex operating profile. The digital DC-BI motor takes the control of these applications to a new level.

Electronics and software power new functionalities that enable the holistic control of the motor and allow for a very wide speed control range. The pump curve can be set to meet the exact requirements of the specific application. Extensive parametrization is a key feature of all KNF motors from the “Digital Customization” series.

New Possibilities for the Transfer and Mixing of Microfluidic Reagents
Microfluidic chips are miniature laboratories. They provide the functionality of a large laboratory through a microfluidic system. The chip contains micrometric-scale channels which can be injected with reagents using pneumatics.

The unique dynamic of the new DC-BI motors supports the time-control function of the active pneumatic for a precise sequential or cascaded execution of the single steps required for the diagnostic. Thanks to the wide control range and the accurate parametrization, the KNF NMP gas pumps series are suitable for existing and future microfluidic processes.

Vacuum Therapy with Accurate Pump Control for Wound Treatment
Vacuum-assisted closure or negative-pressure wound therapy is used to promote healing in chronic wounds to enable the outflow of blood or wound secretion. This is achieved by applying controlled subatmospheric pressure to the wound using a sealed wound dressing connected to a vacuum pump. The negative pressure also increases the blood flow, which helps the tissue to heal. The KNF NMP diaphragm pumps with the new dynamic DC-BI drive solution support this process by allowing the vacuum depth to be accurately adjusted to the wound healing process.

Home Dialysis Offers Patients More Independence
Peritoneal dialysis is suitable for use by patients in the comfort of their own homes. The up to nine hours dialysis usually takes place at night while the patient is sleeping. The KNF NMP series micro gas pumps located in the pneumatic unit of the dialysis device provide an autonomous source of vacuum and compressed air for the entire dialysis system. KNF’s new DC-BI motor optimizes the pump curve of home dialysis systems, making them more durable and quieter. Noise is a key factor for patient satisfaction, especially because the device is normally used at night.

Fast, Quiet and Nearly Vibration-Free for Analysis Devices and Turbopumps
Analytical applications, such as spectroscopy, typically require the rapid provision of a deep vacuum. The new N 952 diaphragm gas pump delivers just that, while maintaining a high flow rate. The N 952 is also capable of being used as a roughing pump in turbopumps.

A brushless motor from the “Digital Customization” series ensures that the KNF diaphragm pump’s performance is sufficient even at a low rotational speed. The measurable results are low noise and vibration. The N 952 responds to digital or analog control and provides access to complete parametrization for customized operating profiles.

Gentler Liquid Transfer for Cavitation-Free Ultrapure Water Systems
Ultrapure water is vital for many laboratory tasks. Any fluctuations in the quality of deionized water can jeopardize the accuracy of the results. The oil-free liquid transfer pump FP 1.400 is the solution for the contamination-free transfer of ultrapure water. FP 1.400 is part of the KNF Smooth Flow Pump Series and has been FDA certified. The diaphragm pump boasts several design details that ensure the low pulsation pumping of liquids. It also impresses with its reliable continuous operation, even at high pressure. Additional benefits include the low-noise operation and controllable flow rate, which make it ideal for deionized water applications.

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