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Head to APD's latest medical power solutions at COMPAMED 2022

COMPAMED 2022, the world’s leading exhibition in medical field, will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from Nov 14 to 17. Along with an objective observation of industry trends, power solutions in the medical field are expected to be an important topic at this event. This is because stable power delivery is essential for the safety of patients and workers. In many cases, reliable power is more critical than breakthrough technologies.

As a power unit manufacturer, Asia Power Devices (APD) is expected to display its solutions of high-quality, highly reliable power related units specially focused on 3W~500W medical power suppliers at COMPAMED 2022. As a preview, we’ll introduce the features in the subsequent paragraphs.

APD’s 3W~500W medical power supplies feature durable and high-standard product designs.
Since 2015, APD has achieved the “ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems certification.” For years, it has focused on making its products smaller and quieter, reducing power consumption.

Stable, safe power supply units need to meet the highest standards. APD’s highly reliable 3W~500W power supplies meet the IEC60601 global medical safety standard. The units have low leakage current, good thermal performance, and a high level of electromagnetic compatibility.

In addition, these medical supplies can support up to 300% peak power load, ensuring power delivery when peak load is required.

In overall, APD’s 3W~500W power supplies are featured in numerous medical devices, including ventilators, oxygen concentrators, humidifiers, medical displays, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, infusion pumps, ultrasonic equipment, endoscopes, electrical medical beds, monitoring equipment, IVD devices, etc.

For more information on APD 3W~500W medical power supply and APD’s ever-evolving technological innovations, you can contact APD via their official website.

About APD
Since 1994, Asian Power Devices (APD) has earned an important position in the global market thanks to its world-class technologies, competitive products, and outstanding service. In general, APD’s products consist of power supplies, UPS, and PV inverters.
And with high-performance of capacity & 15% annual increase in revenue, APD is now ahead of the competition in fields.

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