Healthcare anytime, anywhere – Wearables at virtual.MEDICA 2020 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Healthcare anytime, anywhere – Wearables at virtual.MEDICA 2020

Picture: Model of AR-Glasses; Copyright: LightSpace Technologies
LightSpace Technologies stand for ergonomics and miniaturization and have developed an augmented reality spectacle that is particularly relevant for microbiology: the LightSpace Vision. It offers professional 3D graphics with multi-focus adjustment and is smaller than its predecessor. The product is expected to be launched in 2021.
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Image: CicaLux; Copyright: Alvalux Medical
CicaLux is a wearable device designed to prevent the development of hypertrophic scars and keloids – combining three distinct technologies: medical grade silicone to provide compression and retain hydration, infrared energy to promote vasodilation and pain management and 2-way tension tape to help relieve tension on the scar and provide additional compression.
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Photo: older woman with portable oxygen device playing with her dog on the beach; Copyright: CAIRE Inc.
An oxygen concentrator is nothing particularly innovative – a wearable device is! The FreeStyle Comfort intelligently adapts to the breathing pattern and activity level of its wearer, giving them more flexibility.
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Image: Sugarwatch; Copyright: EPS Bio Technology
For many patients, wearables have become indispensable, especially in diabetes management. Glucose monitoring is easy with the Sugarwatch from EPS Bio Technology. It can be linked to a smartphone and is equipped with advanced biosensors.
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Image: elderly man with robot glove for rehabilitation; Copyright: Idrogenet Srl
Gloreha devices accompany patients in all phases of neuromotor rehabilitation of hands and upper limbs. The Gloreha Sinfonia is a robotic glove that mobilizes the finger joints and can be combined with a workstation where motor skills can be trained using 3D simulations.
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Image: Upper body of a man with ECG belt; Copyright: Levmed Ltd.
The LevMed Mobile ECG is a wearable, easy to put on belt for ECG measurement. Levmed Ltd.'s goal is to make cardiac medical solutions accessible to everyone – even in rural areas, the most remote locations, on planes and ships.
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Image: ECG patch; Copyright: 2020 ScottCare
At virtual.MEDICA 2020, ScottCare presents Arrio, an IoMT ECG diagnostic monitoring wearable. The device delivers affordability to administrators, performance to physicians, ease of use to nurses and convenience to patients. The innovative, multiple-modality Arrio packs the power of several traditional monitoring devices into a single, internet enabled wearable.
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