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Wearables at MEDICA 2019: Get well (connected)!

Photo: Adamm by Health Care Originals INc.; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
My asthma under control

Asthma attacks often come out of the blue and are therefore a threat to patients. This is where ADAMM promises more control. Sensors in a wearable document the symptoms and warn of significant deviations from normal respiratory values.

Hall 13, D46 (Health Care Originals Inc.)

Photo: A intelligent bandaid by Moio GmbH; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
Moio - the intelligent care plaster

Moio is a small and modern designed sensor module. It is worn discreetly on the lower back and continuously measures relevant data from there, which is passed on to the moio.cloud if required.

13, D46 (Moio GmbH)

Photo: REFLEX by Kineto Tech Rehab SRL; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
Recovery in the own four walls

REFLEX enables physiotherapy even without the physical presence of the trainer. Motion sensors track and document the patient's movements and transmit this data to the responsible therapist.

13, D46 (Kineto Tech Rehab SRL)

Photo: Emy the wireless kegel training by Fizimed SAS; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
By women for women

Pelvic floor training, discreet and everywhere: that's what Fizimed promises with EMY, a smart little training device for women. Especially in cases of urinary incontinence, pelvic floor training can help, but it also contributes to a stronger back and a fulfilling sexuality.

13, D46 (Fizimed SAS)

Photo: Pocket Sky by Pocket Sky; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
20 minutes of sun

More energy, better mood and better sleep - who wouldn't want that? Pocket Sky promises this result with a use of only 20 minutes per day.

Hall 13, D46 (Pocket Sky)

Photo: ARION by Quad Industries; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
Run athlete, run!

Running properly is not as easy as it sounds. In order to make a gentle and effective foot movement possible, Quad Industries and ATO-gear have developed a foot sole with an integrated camera that analyses the ground and foot posture.

Hall 13, D46 (Quad Industries NV)

Photo: Vitascale Headset by Vitascale; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
Efficient and safe training

The VitaScale headset promises a reliable and simple measurement of personal fitness, from heart rate to current fat burning. Thus every sport training becomes an individual success.

13, D46 (Vitascale GmbH)

Photo: inmuRELAX by immutouch ApS; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
inmuRELAX - and the stress is gone

Whether for Alzheimer's, sleep disorders, mental illnesses or in stress situations - the multisensory pillow from inmu promises help. The combination of calm sounds and light vibrations has a calming and relaxing effect.

Halle 14, B15

Photo: epihunter headset by epihunter NV; Copyright: beta-web/Scholze
Intelligent epilepsy monitoring

The Belgian company epihunter has set itself the task of signaling and documenting epileptic seizures using an EEG headset. This makes life with epilepsy easier and more predictable.

Hall 3, J74 (epihunter NV)