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MEDICA international: Medical technology in different colours

Bild: Hans van Herck; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
Hans van Herck and his sister are represented with their company anne-lore at the Belgian joint stand of MEDICA 2019 for the eighth time. As a small company, the international joint stand is a wonderful opportunity for them to present themselves as exhibitors with little financial outlay.
Bild: Nicolas Roche; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
For Nicolas Roche, MEDICA is first and foremost a place where he and his company can organise meetings with their customers. "I spent most of my time in meetings in our small meeting room at the stand. They were successful days.
Bild: Birger Tufte Johansen; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
This is Birger Tufte Johansen's first time at MEDICA. With the company made for movement he is part of the Norwegian joint stand. With their product, a rehabilitation device for functional movement training, they hope to open up new markets for themselves.
Bild: Mariano Wasserman; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
For Mariano J.A. Wassermann it is also the first year at MEDICA. Their aim is to bring their products to the European market and to make new business contacts. "MEDICA is a very popular event. Everybody, that works in the sector, knows it." This year they are exhibiting at the Argentine joint stand and are planning to return next year.
Bild: Ryo Sato & Mitsuhiro Miyake; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
The Japanese joint stand is also innovative. Ryo Sato and Mitsuhiro Miyake from SK-Electronics will also be there. They also want to sell their products in Europe and are looking forward to the opportunity to make important contacts at MEDICA. "It's really a success so far", they sum up the time at the fair.
Bild: Thomas Sillman, Mikko Savola; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
At the stand of the Finns one is remarkably collegial. "We all work together", say the exhibitors, Mikko Savola, "we are at MEDICA because we want to learn from others and because we want to make international contacts".
Bild: Sitka Hanusona; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Sitka Hanusona is at MEDICA for the first time. "It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I'm really happy about the time here."
Bild: George Pkhakadze, Maria Magaz; Copyright: beta-web / Ostkamp
George Pkjakadze is also satisfied with the course of MEDICA for his company. He works for the Estonian company InterVac Technology. Why did you decide to be present at the joint stand? "We represent not only one company, but also our wonderful country".
Bild: Marijn van der Zee, Katharina Kleemann; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Marijn an der Zeen and Katharina Kleemann work for the Dutch start-up DeBeleef TV. They feel at home at the Dutch joint stand. "It's a nice togetherness here at the stand," says Kleemann.
Bild: Andrea Marosán, Tamás Vitrai, Zsófia Kertész; Copyright: beta-web / Petig
Andrea Marosán is enthusiastic about MEDICA. She and her colleagues come all the way from Hungary to Düsseldorf for the sixth time. "It is pleasant here at the joint stand. For the next few years, however, we are thinking about having our own stand," says Marosán.