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Emergency medicine: from stretchers to respiratory support

Image: Medical Oxygen Generators by Inmatec GaseTechnologie GmbH; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

On Site medical oxygen generators from INMATEC can free you from tanks, transport, bundles, bottles and supply shortages.

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Image: RollUP RI 2000 by Kohlbrat & Bunz GmbH; Copyright: beta-web / Hofmann

The RollUp system by Kohlbrat & Bunz combines the advantages of a roll-up stretcher with that of a rigid basket stretcher. It can be used in rope rescue.

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Image: CardiAid Trainer by Cardia International BV; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

Potential users of CardiAid AED can train with CardiAid Trainer for emergency cardiac arrest situations.

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Image: Lifegain CCU-HD1 by CU Medical Systems Inc.; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

The Lifegain CU-HD1 can be used for patient monitoring. It provides shortcut buttons and a switch to change between usage in hospital and in emergencies.

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Image: Emergency ventilator EVE TR by Fritz Stephan GmbH; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

On the push of a button, the emergency ventilator EVE TR can start PEEP ventilation.

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Image: Gadget by PerSys Medical; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

The small device is an aid for amputation in emergencies.

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Image: Vitalograph Emergengy Aspirator; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

The Emergengy Aspirator can be used without energy supply and with one hand.

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Image: Water-Jel Burn Dressings; Copyright: beta-web / Scholze

Serious burns can be treated with the water-jel burn dressings by Water-Jel Europe.

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