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Photo: Fitness equipment from Technogym; Copyright: Technogym

Sports medicine: with exercise against diseases


Technogym, international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry, knows that physical exercise can help prevent and treat numerous illnesses. For this reason, the company has been working for the international "Exercise is Medicine" initiative since 2010. Find out more in this interview.
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Image: Smiling man with beard and glasses at a trade fair stand next to a small robot; Copyright: beta-web/B. Scholze

medisana Home Care Robot: mobile helper for your home


First there were smart lawn mowers and smart vacuum cleaners. Now there are smart assistants and even robotic caregivers. It makes you wonder how much support we should expect in our homes from robots when we are older and need more help. And what type of support will it be? The Home Care Robot by medisana GmbH has given us a first glimpse of our robot-assisted future at MEDICA 2019.
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Image: wound of a patient; Copyright: Jobst

AI in Dermatology: a start-up at the beginning of a telemedical journey


Artificial Intelligence serves the precise diagnosis of diseases, simplifies operations, enables telemedicine. However, not only diseases, but also chronical wounds have to be treated by different physicians over a long period of time. This is where the Italian start-up Omnidermal Biomedics comes in with a noninvasive AI-based innovation.
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Image: A robotic hand is measuring a patient’s blood pressure; Copyright: Popov

AI in the medical field: Friend or foe?


One of the biggest and most common healthcare-related misconceptions is that new technologies, such as robots and artificial intelligence (AI), destroy jobs and replace highly skilled professionals. In reality, their main purpose is simply to aid doctors and healthcare workers in the future. Dr. Heinz-Wilhelm Esser wants to clear up this common misconception.
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