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Image: syringe in a bottle drawing fluids; Copyright: /

Therapeutic Injections for Football Injuries


Injections in sports medicine are a common tool to promote the rehabilitation process. Injections are especially well suited for sports injuries because they are directly delivered to the target structure and stimulate healing.
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Image: An ultrasound device in an operation room; Copyright: / sudok1

Smart Hospital: Open Networking Using International Standards


Data transfer, surgery-linked settings or the provision of surgical safety checklists - the networked OR can already accomplish a great deal, but not everything. To date, only medical devices that support a manufacturer-specific, proprietary protocol are able to communicate with each other. This proprietary lock-in impedes comprehensive networking and restricts fair competition.
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Image: Training device from eGym with digital display; Copyright: eGym GmbH

eGym: "Fitness training is as important as brushing your teeth"


Many so-called diseases of civilization or lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity seem to increase in frequency. Even so, we all want to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. To motivate people to exercise more and to stay healthy, eGym relies on a mixture of automated training equipment, educated professionals and digital solutions.
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Image: red therapy bed of FREI AG; Copyright: betaweb

Fitness and rehabilitation: FREI AG looks forward to a healthy future


Fitness and rehabilitation are two core components of health care for young and old. Apart from function, aesthetics also play a key role when it comes to medical equipment. FREI AG understands the importance of this aspect. The family owned business teamed up with Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, allowing both to celebrate an even brighter future.
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Image: documents from registers are turned into digital data; Copyright:

Digital Archiving of Health Records with Archivar 4.0


Digital transformation also impacts the way hospitals archive medical data. Medical file cabinets no longer fill entire rooms, making it challenging to locate a specific patient file. These days, healthcare facilities use modern interoperable patient data archiving solutions instead. Archivar 4.0 offers an intelligent system for medical record storage.
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Image: A group of doctors standing around a table; Copyright: beta-web

Digital Healthcare: The Promise of Integrated Healthcare Concepts


Digitization opens up exciting new possibilities in medical care and diagnostic processes. It can relieve the burden on medical personnel and smartly link and analyze large amounts of data.
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Image: elderly newspaper reading man on the couch with a device around his neck; Copyright: Philips

Home Safe: AI-enabled personalized care for older adults


Most seniors and people in need of care wish to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. But this makes it difficult to check their health status. For older adults, a fall often means the end of living an independent life. To facilitate early detection of these and other critical scenarios and to prevent hospital stays, Philips has developed an AI-based medical alert system.
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Image: wound of a patient; Copyright: Jobst

AI in dermatology: A start-up at the beginning of a telemedical journey


Artificial Intelligence serves the precise diagnosis of diseases, simplifies operations, enables telemedicine. However, not only diseases, but also chronical wounds have to be treated by different physicians over a long period of time. This is where the Italian start-up Omnidermal Biomedics comes in with a noninvasive AI-based innovation.
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Image: Smiling man with beard and glasses at a trade fair stand next to a small robot; Copyright: beta-web/B. Scholze

medisana Home Care Robot: mobile helper for your home


First there were smart lawn mowers and smart vacuum cleaners. Now there are smart assistants and even robotic caregivers. It makes you wonder how much support we should expect in our homes from robots when we are older and need more help. And what type of support will it be? The Home Care Robot by medisana GmbH has given us a first glimpse of our robot-assisted future at MEDICA 2019.
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Photo: Fitness equipment from Technogym; Copyright: Technogym


Sports medicine: with exercise against diseases


Technogym, international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry, knows that physical exercise can help prevent and treat numerous illnesses. For this reason, the company has been working for the international "Exercise is Medicine" initiative since 2010. Find out more in this interview.
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