zensor)) Launches at Medica -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Intelesens Ltd.

zensor)) Launches at Medica

zensor is an electrode mounted system

At Medica 2014, Intelesens launches its latest CE-approved monitoring solution – zensor))

zensor)) provides high quality ECG traces, respiration rate, heart rate, arrhythmia detection and motion detection, transmitting data directly from the patient, from anywhere, using Wi-Fi to a remote server. zensor)) is the world's first vital signs monitor providing both immediate event transmission and full disclosure data, post-monitoring. 510k clearance is expected Q1 2015.
Shannon Wolf Montague and Ian McCullough will be exhibiting and demoing zensor at Hall 16 F10-1.
To book a meeting, contact Shannon at shannon.montague@intelesens.com.

System Overview

The zensor system has configurable on-board cardiac arrhythmia, heart rate and respiration rate breach detection. When an irregularity such as Atrial Fibrillation is detected, the device will automatically send a 30 second strip containing the event, to a remote server via Wi-Fi. The clinician can select to detect and identify a cardiac event from a range of arrhythmias and can configure values for high and low heart and respiration rate limits. At the end of monitoring, full disclosure data (up to 14 days of data) can be downloaded to a PC via USB for additional analysis. The zensor system provides the security of a Holter and the convenience of an Event Monitor in one device. Relevant data is provided immediately for the clinician to view anywhere, anytime on ‘zensoronline’, with any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop or tablet - and all full disclosure data is saved for later viewing using zensor+ software on a standard PC.

zensor monitors full diagnostic quality 3-Lead ECG with Lead II deriving beat-by-beat heart rates. On the PC viewer, these traces can be enlarged for a more detailed view than with traditional Holter or Event Monitors.

zensor is unique in providing data for multiple vital signs parameters. In addition to ECG, zensor also measures respiration, derives breathing rate and alerts on rate breaches, providing a much more comprehensive view of the patient’s total health and assisting in the management of respiratory illness.

zensor’s accelerometer can assist in overall data interpretation by providing a much more complete view of the patient’s activity levels during events, when viewed alongside ECG and respiration data. For example, if the patient is walking vigorously, this activity will show up very clearly in the accelerometer data, assisting the clinician in his data interpretation and providing visual context to cardiac and respiration events. Using this data, the clinician is able to see much more definitively when activity is impacting on the patient’s vital signs, thereby assisting in diagnosis.

Ease of Use
A key feature appealing to both clinician and patient is the device’s simplicity. Once configured by the clinician, the only item needed to be actioned by the patient will be to change the battery when indicated by the device through a soft audible alarm. The patient may send a strip of data using the event button, for example if symptoms are detected, but all other event data is transmitted automatically. Should the user stray out of Wi-Fi range, the system will automatically store any detected events and send once the user is back in range. The device is very discrete, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

zensor automatically transmits detected events and patient activated strips to a secure server, for remote viewing by the clinician, using Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi network can be any standard home or business broadband, a mobile phone ‘hotspot’or a ‘Mi-Fi’ (mobile router).