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uni-cart now with power height adjustment

The uni-cart equipment cart has a long-track record of success with mechanical height adjustment. The basic configurations of uni-cart are now also supplied with power adjustment.

Unterhaching, 24 April 2008 ITD GmbH, Europe’s leading supplier of mobile and stationary carrier systems for medical technology, has expanded its product range. The established uni-cart equipment carrier can now be supplied with power height adjustment in European, American and Japanese markets. ITD has responded to the demand for this solution in combination with promoting the concept of an ergonomically correct working position.

uni-cart with power height adjustment delivers more ergonomic design to the workplace

Sitting or standing workstation – the latest version of uni-cart can be adjusted to any position at the touch of a button. Variable adjustment tailors the workstation to the appropriate working conditions. The height-adjustment system is operated by using a controller located on the keyboard holder to save space (together with pullout mousepad). The keyboard holder can be variably adjusted from the sitting (height 725 mm) to the standing position (1025 mm). Since the keyboard and screen can be moved as a single unit, they are always separated by the correct ergonomic gap. The height adjustment system can accommodate a maximum payload of 20 kg.

This version of uni-cart also offers the following technical features:

o The basic configuration of the base has a useful height of 1120 mm (35 U) and is equipped with four stabilizers, each fitted with a twin caster of diameter 100 mm.
o The power height adjustment system is connected to a power pack positioned between the two front stabilizers. The pack has an input voltage of 230 V (option of 115 V for the USA and 100 V for Japan) and 50 / 60 Hz.
o An optional 3-way EURO socket strip with central on and off switch is mounted in the support column. The column also accommodates an earthed connecting cable 5 metres in length and a cable strain relief. A handle for manoeuvring in tight situations is located to the rear of the cart, together with a holder for a computer.
o The standard swivel and tilt monitor holder is fitted with a VESA 75 / 100 adapter and accommodates a monitor weighing up to a total of 14 kg.

uni-cart – the compact miracle of space

The basic version of uni-cart is tailored to deployment where space is a top-priority and conditions are difficult. The equipment cart offers the ideal base for accommodating small items of electronic equipment for a broad spectrum of applications including patient monitoring and ultrasound diagnostics. The patented base design provides a choice between a base hub with 4 stabilizers for projecting loads and a base hub with 5 stabilizers for loads positioned centrally. The length and angle of the stabilizers can also be adjusted to suit local conditions and always guarantees maximum stability. The support column accommodates a socket strip, cabling and integrates a strain relief. Shelves, drawers, standard runners and baskets can be mounted as accessories.

Experience ITD “live”

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