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seca starts training of hospital nurses

HAMBURG. seca GmbH & Co. KG is getting involved in the training of hospital nurses. At the beginning of August 2007 the company became an outpost of SGKH (School for Medical Nursing Care Hamburg).

22 trainees were invited by seca to learn all about the determination of body weight and size. SGKH is training hospital nurses for almost all free hospitals in Hamburg.

Within the scope of the subject “nutrition” it is planned to educate the students in monitoring and assessing patients’ dietary condition. At seca students learned for which syndromes it is necessary to determinate body weight and size. Moreover they learned how to use the equipment and how to interpret measurement results.

As world market leader in Medical Measurement seca likes to share its broad knowledge with future nurses. After all body size and weight have become important factors in the evaluation of many diseases, for example adiposity and its secondary diseases. The training will take place three times a year for every beginning SGKH course. Moreover seca intends to offer the training courses for other schools as well.