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seca mBCA in weight management: Valid assessment of changes in weight

Most overweight people are aware that they have to lose weight. However, they cannot get started or they lose weight, only to regain it. Professional weight management is needed to keep weight under control over the long term. Weight management involves a general change in nutrition and long term weight reduction and maintenance. Increased physical activity promotes lasting success. The medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA supports treatment and enhances patient care by providing precise weight measurement and medically validated body composition analysis (current status: with the help of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – quickly, reliably and in accordance with high medical standards. Because the seca mBCA breaks down total weight into the compartments of fat, muscle mass and water, it is easy to see whether the desired reduction in fat has been achieved or if muscle mass has been lost. The output parameters from the seca mBCA are presented in clear diagrams so that the doctor can make a reliable diagnosis quickly and initiate treatment right away.

Body Composition Chart shows fat reduction and muscle building at a glance

A physically active overweight person has – in addition to a high fat mass – a high muscle mass as the muscles are trained to carry the excessive fat. Weight reduction plans concentrate on reducing fat mass while maintaining muscle mass. The seca mBCA offers the two important values – fat mass and fat-free mass, to which muscle mass belongs – in an easy-to-understand summary called the "Body Composition Chart". With its help the doctor can keep a close watch on the course of treatment.

Monitoring hydration status

Metabolically unhealthy people with insulin resistance, a group that includes many obese people, often lose only water at the start of a weight loss program. The patient generally hits a plateau after losing water weight. While simple weighing may raise only a suspicion of the cause, the seca mBCA analyzes body composition with respect to total body water and extracellular water with such precision that it is possible to assess the effect over time.

Customized for overweight patients

The seca mBCA is tailored to the needs of overweight patients. With a maximum weighing capacity of 300 kilograms and a large platform, it is well-equipped to serve severely obese patients. The platform's low access height and the handrail ensure the patient a good foothold.

Fast measurement

Body composition analysis with the seca mBCA takes just 17 seconds in most cases. The entire measuring procedure, including removing shoes and loading files, can be completed in less than five minutes. Moreover, the simple and intuitive operation of the seca mBCA allows for seamless integration in daily routines.

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