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seca mBCA in sports medicine: Performance diagnostics at a new level

Sports doctors have long recognized that body composition significantly influences performance development. Precise values, like those delivered by the medical Body Composition Analyzer seca mBCA, are therefore in great demand. The differentiated analysis of body composition made by the seca mBCA provides sports doctors with data for optimized training management, quality control of physiotherapy and nutritional therapy and a better assessment of fitness levels.

seca mBCA – ideal for preparation for competition and rehabilitation

In practice the seca mBCA give sports doctors ideal support during preparation for the upcoming season. With assessment and long term monitoring of fat and muscle mass, the doctor keeps an eye on the athlete's muscle building and fat reduction.

The innovative device is particularly useful in supporting and encouraging up-and-coming talent, as young athletes often lack the skeletal muscle mass they need to be competitive. With assistance from the seca mBCA, the doctor can oversee muscular development resulting from training and nutritional therapy.

If training is interrupted by injury, the seca mBCA helps by providing precise observation of changes in body composition. The measurements form the basis for treatment goals during rehabilitation. The segmental analysis of muscles (arms, legs, torso) supports the planning of physiotherapeutic treatment.

The phase angle, which reports the condition of the cells, assists the doctor with early recognition of physical stress and exhaustion caused, for example, by overtraining. Insufficient recuperation and inadequate supplies of nutrients lead to inflammatory reaction in the cells. Consequently, the phase angle is low. In this case a differential diagnosis is indicated.

seca mBCA – medically precise analysis of body composition

The seca mBCA analyzes body composition quickly, reliably and at a high medical level with the help of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). In about 17 seconds the device recognizes the human body's individual compartments such as fat, water and muscle and processes the measurements according to medical references. Precise results are guaranteed as the BIA measurements made by the seca mBCA have been validated in clinical studies (current status:

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