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seca mBCA Impresses Doctors From Around the World!

"That's exactly what I need!" "Fantastic diagnostic support!" "Beautifully simple and fast operation" – these and other enthusiastic responses greeted the presentation of the seca mBCA 515/514* at MEDICA 2011.
For some time many doctors have been expressing their reservations about using weight, height and the Body Mass Index to assess the nutritional status of their patients. Among the devices on the market that claimed to analyze body composition, they could find none that satisfied their medical demands. They were all the more delighted then to learn of the seca mBCA 515/514, the first device to measure body composition at a medically scientific level, and the PC software seca analytics mBCA 115. With assistance from the seca mBCA 515/514, doctors can detect many diseases earlier and can monitor the course of treatment more closely.
The seca Team at the stand was happy to accept the first orders for the mBCA 515/514 and software. The device, it should be noted, has a very persuasive price/performance ratio.

* seca mBCA 515 (calibration class III), seca mBCA 514 (uncalibrated)