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seca mBCA 515/514 – Unique Diagnostic Instrument to Measure Body Composition

At MEDICA 2011 seca gmbh & co. kg, Hamburg/Germany, is presenting the world's first medical Body Composition Analyzer, the seca mBCA 515/514. seca has raised the analysis of body composition to a level of precision demanded by medical science.

seca opens up a new dimension in diagnostics for the doctor with the seca mBCA 515/514. Now the patient's general health can be assessed with medical precision. Based on an examination that takes less than 20 seconds, the seca mBCA 515/514 determines the patient's body composition in fat, water and muscle. This information helps the doctor to recognize diseases earlier and to monitor treatment progress more exactly. The raw BCA data are then analyzed and interpreted against medical reference values. seca had four clinical studies made in which the device's BCA results were validated and correlated with medical science's gold standards. seca has thus achieved a level of precision previously unknown in bioelectrical impedance measuring.

As with every product that bears the seca name, the seca mBCA 515/514 is ideally adapted to the working conditions in hospitals and medical practices. Results are reproducible and operation is simple and fast for personnel and patients alike. The seca mBCA 515/514 can be effortlessly integrated in the seca 360° wireless system and in computer networks in hospitals and medical practices.

* seca mBCA 515 (calibration class III), seca mBCA 514 (uncalibrated)