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seca baby scales optimised

The Hamburg company seca gmbh & co. kg always endeavours to improve its products, making their use as functional as possible. Existing products are enhanced by taking advantage of new technical possibilities or optimised to meet the wishes of doctors and carers. As it concerns itself intensively with the demands of everyday practice, the company is continually thinking over and further perfecting its products.

For example, the seca baby scales:

seca 376 – Increase in capacity
The company has increased the capacity of the baby scale seca 376 by 5 kg to 20 kg. So that, now, small children who are not yet able to stand alone can be safely weighed in the large, shell-shaped weighing tray. The Class III calibrated baby scale displays the weight in 5 g steps up to 7.5 kg and then in 10 g steps. The precise weight is shown in large figures which are very easy to read on the raised LCD display tilted towards the user.

seca 834 – Finer graduation
Baby scale seca 834 has been equipped with a finer graduation. The Class IIII (4) calibrated scale weighs in 10 g steps up to a weight of 10 kg thus registering even the smallest changes in baby’s weight. And, from 10 kg to 20 kg, the weight is shown in 50 g steps. Another distinguishing feature of the seca 834 is its compact design. As the weighing tray is detachable, the scale can be converted into a floor scale in no time at all so that small children can be weighed while standing. The weighing tray and base are firmly connected to one another so that the scale can easily be lifted but, if the tray has to be detached, this can be done at just the touch of a button.

seca 335 and seca 334 – now with breast-milk-intake function
In newborn and children’s wards where the scale often has to be carried from one unit to another, paediatric nurses really appreciate the seca 335 (Class IIII calibration) and the seca 334 (uncalibrated). As they weigh as little as 3.5 kg and have an integrated handle, the compact baby scales are easy to transport. The large, ergonomically shaped tray provides even larger babies with a safe lying space.
The two baby scales now have a further function which considerably lightens the work of midwives and paediatric nurses. Both scales have been fitted with a new electronic device, the breast milk intake function (BMIF). With this, the baby is weighed before and after breastfeeding and the milk intake is determined automatically. The seca 335 has a capacity of 15 kg. Up to a weight of 10 kg, the graduation is 10 g. Above 10 kg, weight is measured in 20 g steps. The seca 334 shows the baby’s weight in 5 g steps up to a weight of 10 kg and, up to a weight of 20 kg, in 20 g steps. The result is clearly legible on the large LCD display and the control panel is clearly designed to make the operation as easy as possible for doctors and carers.