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seca 360° wireless - the new era of weighing and measuring

When seca gmbh & co. kg presents the new product system seca 360° wireless at MEDICA 2010, the focus will be on saving time when weighing, measuring and analyzing results, preventing measurement errors, streamlining the analysis and presentation of measurements and optimizing patient consultation. Developed specifically in response to the needs of medical weighing and measuring, the futuristic system will be on view at the seca stand in Düsseldorf from 17th to 20th November.

With seca 360° wireless the scale manufacturer offers not just a single product but a complete network for diagnostic support. The wireless seca scales and measuring instruments securely and quickly transmit captured data via a special medical wireless protocol to the seca network. Among the products in the seca 360° wireless system are the baby scale seca 374, which is now available with the new measuring rod seca 233, the column scale 703, the new stadiometers seca 274 (portable) and seca 264 (wall-mounted) and the new measuring station seca 284, which measures and weighs in a single step. seca's own wireless protocol ensures that the individual components securely and automatically register themselves in the network when they are switched on. The user can specify where the data are to be received – on the seca 360° wireless printer or directly on a PC equipped with the medical software seca analytics 105.

With the medical software seca analytics 105 seca puts a competent assistant at the physician's side. After a seca 360° wireless product has been selected, just the press of a key initiates the analysis and interpretation of the wirelessly received height and weight measurements. The seca analytics 105 thus supports early recognition of disease, assists the doctor in selecting courses of therapy and visualizes results for presentation to patients. In addition, the software guarantees trouble-free integration in an existing Electronic Medical Record system.

Answers to medical questions about the patient's health and nutritional condition are found with the help of the three software modules "Energy", "Cardiometabolic Risk" and "Development/Growth". For a patient in treatment for weight reduction, for example, the software could calculate daily energy needs, estimate the 10-year risk of coronary heart disease or monitor weight changes related to chronic illness. The individual elements of the three modules are already in daily use in several medical specialties. However, up until now the data capture and evaluation was never as simple and secure as it is with the product system seca 360° wireless.

The graphics in DIN A4 format assist the doctor in the interpretation of data and visualize results in a way patients can understand. The seca 360° wireless system gives doctors' practices and hospitals a clear competitive advantage.

seca at MEDICA 2010: in Hall 12 at Stand A63.