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rioxo® at the AKH Linz

First live OP with rioxo® HD video transmission across Austria(120km)

At the international Single Incision Symposium in Salzburg the first live HD video transmission for a surgical application was realized in Austria.

From the hospital in Linz video with embedded audio of the surgical operation was transmitted with rioxo® across the country over an IP backbone to the University of Salzburg (120km). The video sent was 1080p 60Hz with a delay of less than 3 frames.

According to Mr. Eicher, technical head of KSLA (a major Swiss hospital): “With the rioxo® technology we are entering a complete new territory of advanced hospital applications. It is a game changer because the HD quality is brilliant.

The benefit of this technology is not only for training reasons, we see the beauty of the concept in the possibility that top doctors can monitor several operations and share knowledge and resources“.