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milon drives economic growth for medical clinics and rehabilitation facilities

Training equipment with MDA certification and innovative finance options strengthen the position of medical facilities in the healthcare market

Medical development and demographic changes will lead to further cost increases over the next years. The German health system draws closer to its capacity. Mandatory public health insurance and private insurance want to minimise costs. To be successful in the healthcare market, an operator needs to rationalise, improve efficiency and ensure higher quality.
milon found the answer a number of years ago. The milon circuit has striven to revolutionise and be more competitive in the fitness industry. The key words which describe milon’s fitness equipment are: safe, simple and effective. Safe because the machine automatically adjusts to the personal settings of each user. Simple to use because the training plan is already programmed into the smart card. Effective because the resistance is produced electronically by the fitness machine and permits both concentric or eccentric movements. The milon circuit serves users better in a small training area. This means that satisfaction soars, rentention rates increase and success is guaranteed.
Increasingly rehabilitation clinics and medical facilities are taking advantage of milon’s exercise machines. They are all certified to comply with the German Medical Device Act. The Moos¬wald Clinic in Freiburg, savita in Neuss and the Median Clinic Kalbe demonstrate milon’s potential to succeed with new insurance providers and customer groups (pages 2 and 3). You can expect professional support from milon. The milon medical Dynamics Team helps rehabilitation clinics and medical facilities with new medical approaches. They have many years of experience and proven medical and business expertise in the healthcare sector (page 4).
milon can minimise the costs of investment easily, through either leasing or renting equipment, and set up a solid financial partnership with its customers from the outset. milon offers its customers in the medical sector the advantages of an in-house finance department: milon financial services. This means that medical providers do not have to delay making investments in other important areas of their operation. milon offers the All-rounder package, that helps position its customers in the market and opens up new business opportunities.