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mediclean© CPM - Real-time air quality control

Improved hygiene saves lives
Approximately 18 million people are treated in German hospitals each year. According to experts’ estimates, of that number about 600,000 patients suffer from an infection, resulting in as many as 15,000 cases of death. Many of those infections occur during the critical phase of an operation. Often, the carriers are germs that cling to dust particles. Cleaner operating theatres, i.e. theatres that are as particle-free as possible and therefore as germ-free as possible, protect health and can save lives.

Perfect air management in the operating theatre
The mediclean® CPM (Continuous Particle Monitoring) from Weiss makes the use of laminar-flow-systems much more efficient. It regulates the supply of particle- and germ-free air to the operating theatre. Using sensors in the surgical field, it measures the number of particles, analyses them and adjusts its airflow automatically to the situational circumstances that vary constantly due, for instance, to persons, equipment or even the opening of doors. This procedure is significantly more effective and safer than static systems that use the once-set, constant flow of air as the reference value for its performance. As a result, the mediclean® CPM fulfils much more than just the requirements of DIN 1946-4. The amount of particles and germs present in the air is significantly reduced, thereby reducing decisively the risks of postoperative infections.

Measuring, regulating and documenting
If the desired values for particles are exceeded, mediclean ® CPM automatically controls the speed and amount of airflow. Control via continuous online monitoring therefore ensures the lowest possible amount of particles and germs in the air during the critical incision-suture phase. If air quality falls below acceptable levels, the system emits an optical and acoustic signal that is based on traffic lights (green, yellow, red). Consequently, the operating team is made aware of the air quality at all times. In addition, the system documents the quality of air, thus enabling extensive quality control.

Legally compliant and effective
The law for improved hygiene standards (Law on Protection Against Infection), which has been in force since June 2011, is aimed at reducing the number of hospital infections by as much as 30 percent. Weiss mediclean® CPM makes an important contribution in terms of fulfilling the legislative authorities’ objectives and effectively counteracting the alarming numbers.

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