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marSeal und maxium®: Innovation Meets Efficiency

Over many years, high-frequency surgery has been marked mostly by the use of the monopolar application technique. In spite of the lower risks posed by the bipolar technique (there is no need for a neutral electrode, for example), bipolar procedures have been little more than a side issue for a long time – not least, of course, because suitable instruments were almost unavailable until lately.

This situation has fundamentally changed during recent years, with the new trend being fostered by KLS Martin as well. With the launch of the maxium® high-end HF generator, the focus was shifted to extending our bipolar range of instruments. So little by little, the marCut‚ scissors, the NON-STICK forceps and the marClamp‚ instruments for bipolar vessel sealing have been integrated into the KLS Martin product range.
Bipolar vessel sealing currently represents one of the growth sectors of high-frequency surgery, having become a recognized method of choice for selected interventions in gynecology, surgery and otorhinolaryngology. Thanks to special, process-regulated currents, it is possible to permanently seal vessels and tissue bundles with a size of up to several millimeters while reducing tissue damage to a minimum. As a result, traditional ligatures are now a thing of the past, saving users time as well as money because no suture materials are needed any more.

Minimally invasive surgery is another field where this technique is increasingly being used because it is essential to have a combination instrument at hand that will finally cut through the sealed tissue conveniently without any need to exchange instruments. The instruments previously used for this purpose were disposable articles that, unavoidably, go along with high consumables costs – a significant disadvantage.

Not surprisingly in times of tight budgets, there is a clear market demand for an instrument that offers all the functions described above but can be reused in addition. Nonetheless, such an instrument will be a success only if it can be easily taken apart and reprocessed reliably.

Together with the maxium® HF generator, the new marSeal instrument meets all of the above requirements just perfectly. In fact, it is the first reusable instrument of this kind worldwide. Apart from tissue dissection and sealing, the sealed tissue can be conveniently cut with the integrated blade – no instrument exchange required. Besides, optimal cutting performance is guaranteed at any time because the blade is replaced after each intervention. marSeal can be taken apart very easily and without any need for additional tools, and validated reprocessing is guaranteed as well (as evidenced beyond doubt by an independent expert report). Apart from the excellent sealing properties achieved in conjunction with the maxium® unit, the economic advantages of the marSeal instrument also stand out. Thanks to the low portion of disposable material used in its construction, marSeal allows you to cut the cost per intervention by up to 75%, compared with disposable instruments. In other words, the money paid for the instrument and the maxium® HF generator can be recovered in a very short time. This surely is an argument that, in the final analysis, users cannot ignore.

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