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marLED® E15 / E9 Operating Lights

Operating Light Redefined

“Efficient – Innovative – Brilliant” – these epithets are perfectly adequate for describing our new operating lights of the E-series.
The new marLED® E-series from KLS Martin meets the highest quality demands. Thanks to a new product design, the ergonomics and ease of use of these lights are exemplary. And since a novel, patented joining technology is used in their construction, the highest hygiene demands are satisfied as well.

The closed housing with its smooth contours, the rounded edges and the patented joining technology ensure easy and safe cleaning along with perfect hygienic conditions. Being intended for medical applications, the light heads come with smooth surfaces and no screw connections visible for optimal wiping disinfection. The seamless front glass with integrated gasket prevents any capillary action, so no detergent can be drawn in during cleaning. The flush-integrated membrane keypad offers the following functions: ON/OFF, intensity control and light field adjustment.

The use of the latest LED lighting technology helps you to keep a cool head in any situation. Heat radiation – a typical side-effect of halogen lights – is now a problem of the past. Additional advantages include the excellent color rendition, a near-daylight color temperature and extremely low operating costs. Why? Because the latest-generation LEDs boast an extremely long service life. And besides, the marLED® E has no wearing parts at all – which spares you any maintenance or servicing cost.

The innovative lighting system is based on state-of-the-art LED lens technology that uses a special microstructure to create a uniform light field with maximum shadow dilution, excellent brightness and best color rendition. The boost mode ensures maximum illuminance when working with a large light field. With a maximum illuminance of 160,000 lux (E15) and 120,000 lux (E9), these new lights meet any lighting requirements.

Efficiency and power have been the main drivers in designing this light series. Cutting the consumption of resources benefits the environment. And with their recyclability and long life, the marLED® E15 and E9 clearly support the sustainability objectives declared as an essential part of KLS Martin’s self-commitment.

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