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ingo-man® dispensing systems: 50 years of innovation, quality and reliability for hand hygiene

 No. 1 in German hospitals, largest installed hand hygiene monitoring base in Europe 
For more than 5 decades, Ophardt hygiene’s ingo-man® product series has supported doctors, nurses and care assistants in washing and disinfecting their hands, thus with preventing the spread of infections. Continuing development and the optimization for use in medical areas means that the ingo-man® today is much more than ‘just’ a dispenser: a broad range of product versions available and an expansive offer of accessories means that the ingo-man can be individually adapted to fulfill requirements in medical surgeries and therefore supports effective hand hygiene.

How it all began
The ingo-man success story began with a solution for a practical problem. In the 1960’s the introduction of alcohol based disinfectants created a new challenge for dispensers: the seals were not strong enough to hold the alcohol, disinfectant often landed on the floor - and not on doctor’s and nurse’s hands. OPHARDT hygiene developed a solution with the first ingo-man® dispenser: The concept - efficient pump technology, hygienic operation lever with small contact area and a container which was easy to exchange - formed the base of a success story which continues into the new dispenser generation today.

Innovation makes hand hygiene more efficient and comfortable
In close co-operation with clinical users and based on scientific evidence of hand hygiene the ingo-man® dispensing system has been continuously developed to support health institutions with hand hygiene. Reliable dispensers with automatic operation („Touchless“), housing in signal colours to catch the eye and work as an optical reminder and mounting systems at the „Point-of-Care“ as well as many other practical details make the ingo-man® product series a „State-of-the-Art“ dispenser system.

Open system: supply guarantee und cost advantage
One of the key features of all ingo-man® dispensers is the Euro bottle: the format, not linked to any individual manufacturer has established itself as a standard size, [particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland] for soap and hand disinfection products.
The standard euro bottle leaves the user with a wide range of product possibilities for filling: considerable cost optimization is possible. During periods of very high demand e.g. during a pandemic the format enables the user to purchase any necessary products from various producers which secures availability and supports high levels of hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene turns digital
Digitalization does not stop when it comes to hand hygiene: as the next generation of intelligent dispensing systems the ingo-man Weco® already supports health care institutions in the continuing improvement of hand hygiene.
As a part of the OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring Systems® (OHMS), ingo-man® Weco dispensers automatically measure their usage and send any data via a wireless system to a central evaluation point. Employees responsible for hand hygiene obtain an overview of hand hygiene activities on every ward.  Improvements in hand hygiene compliance can be observed and any necessary adjustments can be addressed quickly.

More and more hospitals see the advantages offered by electronic hand hygiene monitoring and use the system: more than 20 million hand hygiene ‚activities‘ have already been measured using OHMS.

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