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ic-keys - the Revolutionary Glass Keyboard for a Better Infection Control

How do I clean my keyboard? This is a question that virtually every PC-user has already asked him- or herself at least once. Vacuum cleaners, cotton buds or home-made mini-scrapers are used. Nevertheless and regardless of all of this effort, the keyboard will never become completely clean, let alone germfree. At home we usually do accept this shortcoming as the lack of hygienic possibilities is more a personal annoyance than a real health risk in this context.

Certainly this subject is of a much higher importance in public medical facilities, in surgeries, in operating theatres or in the field of clean-room technology. A usual keyboard offers best conditions to germs, bacteria and viruses to spread and accumulate in niches, angles and cavities. Even if attention is paid to only use the keyboard with “clean” fingers, germs will settle which virtually cannot be removed anymore afterwards. Even the Robert Koch-Institute (German central federal institution responsible for disease control and prevention) states on its homepage: “Due to their complicated design usual keyboards generally cannot be disinfected without rapidly anticipating damages”. (www.rki.de).

Of course, infection control specialists, quality control managers, doctors, medical staff and manufacturers have already thought about solutions to this problem. Known means are silicone keyboards or silicone overlays. However, their big disadvantage is that they are neither wear-resistant nor easily to be cleaned due to their ridges and notches. Therefore it can only be recommended, to purchase devices with flat, waterproof surfaces that can be disinfected. (cf. www.rki.de).

The solution is called ic-keys from the company IC Medical. The keyboard has a flat glass surface and works with a capacitive measuring method like an Apple IPhone (registered trademark). The keyboard layout is printed on the reverse side of the glass and thus is indelibly sealed. ic-keys can be cleaned with any surface disinfection agent, you just have to set the keyboard on “clean lock”. Like this your glass keyboard can be cleaned without a typing effect at cyber speed and 99 % of all germs will be removed.

You can individually change the sensitivity of the key press in 7 sensitivity levels. This makes it also possible for touch typists to rest their fingers on the keyboard before typing. Of course, the keyboard can also be used with surgical gloves. Moreover, you can also change the volume of the key press in order to adjust it to individual preferences. The sound of the key press gives you an acoustic feedback which replaces the usual clicking of a standard keyboard.

The keyboard is waterproof and can be used as a wireless keyboard or with a cable. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. With a fit in “Track Pad” the mouse has already been integrated. Like this you will save extra place, a cable and the additional costs for an infection control mouse.

Upshot: This keyboard is not only a hygienic but also an aesthetic gain for your workplace. It offers you and your patients hygienic security. The recommendations of the Robert Koch-Institute are completely implemented and your furnishing profits from this highlight’s gorgeous and clear design.

Download possibility: on www.ic-keys.com professional pictures and this text can be downloaded.