iWALKFree returns to MEDICA featuring it iWalk 2.0 medical mobile device -- MEDICA Trade Fair


iWALKFree, Inc.

iWALKFree returns to MEDICA featuring it iWalk 2.0 medical mobile device

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Hands-free Canadian-invented crutch comes to Harrison Ford’s rescue - again

MANSFIELD, Ontario, September 16, 2015 – The iWALK2.0, ever since its successful European and international debut at MEDICA last year, has spared many thousands of new users with lower leg injuries, the added pain and inconvenience of using conventional crutches. First developed by an innovative Canadian farmer in his carpentry workshop as a prosthetic peg leg you kneel on, today’s iWALK2.0 hands-free crutch returns to MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, Nov. 16-19 in Düsseldorf, Germany – with 16 years of development, clinical trials, and enthusiastic user acceptance behind it. Now it is a carefully engineered, multiple award-winning, Class 1 Medical device that has won not only FDA and CE mark approvals, but also the nod from experienced, initially skeptical, doctors.

“I had some concerns about balance and how mobile a patient could be on it,” says Orthopedic Dr. Elmo Agatep. “My initial expectation was that it would be unconformable, especially where your knee rests on it… and that it would take a long time to get used to.”

Nonetheless, Dr. Agatep thought that the iWALK2.0 might become a big part of his practice, because he saw that he could treat his patients’ conditions while they maintained a normal lifestyle. To be certain, he wore an iWALK2.0 himself for two days as he went about his clinical work and normal daily routine, and was sold.

“It was amazing, actually, how comfortable it was the longer I used it. It disappeared underneath me. I quickly adapted to day to day things without thinking about it.”

Dr. Agatep runs his own clinical practice in Seal Beach, California and serves on staff at a number of west coast hospitals including the UCLA Medical Center. He is also the Orthopedic for the USA women’s volleyball team and other elite athletes.

“We’re looking forward to letting our visitors at MEDICA 2015 experience some of what Dr. Agatep experienced in his personal trial,” says Brad Hunter, Director of Business Development for iWALKFree, Inc. “We were overwhelmed by the response last year, and have geared up to better handle the new business that MEDICA will generate this year.”

In his work, the California-based Hunter often takes a personal hand in fitting the iWALK2.0 to individual users, including the famous. When movie star Harrison Ford broke his left foot while filming “Star Wars: Episode VII” in London, England last year, he was photographed descending restaurant stairs comfortably using an iWALK2.0. Then, this year in March, after Ford crash-landed his WWII vintage military trainer airplane on the Penmar Golf Course near Santa Monica, California and re-injured his foot, Hunter got a call from the Ford household to come over for another iWALK2.0 fitting.

Said Hunter, “Most people can easily fit the device themselves, as Ford did his first time using the iWALK2.0. This second time, he sustained multiple, significant injuries other than his broken ankle, so I was brought in to assist. We were able to get him walking again in ten minutes despite those injuries. All I can say is that Mr. Ford is a very determined, very strong minded person, and we’re glad that we could play a role in his recovery.”

To see the iWALK2.0 demonstrated and learn more about iWALKFree, Inc., please visit us during MEDICA 2015 at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth G42. You can also locate us in “Companies & Products" on the medica-tradefair.com portal.

In the meantime, for more information about the iWALK2.0 visit www.iwalk-free.com – and if you have additional questions or want to interview Brad Hunter, e-mail bhunter@iwalkcrutch.com or call 1-562-653-4222.