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iVISION Scanware: Automated Evaluation of Immunoblots

iVISION Scanware by ORGENTEC Diagnostika

Mainz, 06/12/2010 – With the introduction of iVISION Scanware, ORGENTEC Diagnostika has made it possible to automate the evaluation of immunoblots. The software allows these effective and robust test systems to be objectively assessed and the laboratory test results efficiently stored and archived.

By graphically representing test results, the software very effectively aids physicians and laboratory personnel in interpreting results and makes it possible to obtain a diagnosis within a few minutes of completing incubation. With its comprehensive archival capability, iVISION Scanware facilitates the management of large amounts of data and the detailed documentation of results.

Incubated blot strips are recorded and digitized by means of a protocol sheet and commercially available flatbed scanner. The software independently identifies the bands and measures their intensity. Analysis of the immunoblots is computer-assisted; data can be supplemented manually. The analytical results are then stored digitally, along with the image data from the immunoblots, which makes storage of the incubated blot strips for archival purposes unnecessary.

iVISION Scanware is suitable for all ORGENTEC immunoblots. These test systems are used for the diagnosis of rheumatoid inflammatory diseases (“rheumatology diagnostics”), the detection of anti-nuclear cytoplasmic antibodies (“ANCA detection”), and the diagnosis of autoimmune vasculitis (“vasculitis diagnostics”), as well as for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases and autoimmune liver disease. – www.orgentec.com