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Single Use Surgical Ltd.

iPhone Adapter Transforms Ear Examinations

endoscope-i from Single Use Surgical

Birmingham surgeons have created a system that enables them to view, record, and share HD endoscopic images and videos using an iPhone.

The new technology, developed in collaboration with Barnsley-based instrument designer and manufacturer, Single Use Surgical, consists of an adapter that connects an iPhone to almost any endoscope.

Ajith George, an ENT Consultant and Managing Director of endoscope-i, said: “endoscope-i has revolutionized the capability of endoscopes used for ear, nose and throat examinations. It takes the image seen through an endoscope’s small lens and magnifies it on screen in HD, enabling you to capture images or record videos, which can be shown to the patient.”

“What really saves time is that the endoscope-i App allows me to securely transfer images or videos to a patient’s records; people are often surprised to hear that before endoscope-i, we relied on hand drawn sketches to update records.”

endoscope-i recently reached the finals of the EHI Awards, praised for its potential to improve patient care and efficiency, not only in otolaryngology but in other medical fields, such as urology, anaesthesia and cardiothoracics.

Matthew Tulley, Managing Director of Single Use Surgical, commented: “We’ve designed endoscope-i to fit any endoscope with a 32mm eyepiece, which means the possibilities are endless. A shared endoscopic view was previously the reserve of the operating room - where they have large expensive stacking systems - endoscope-i makes this technology available to everyone, at a fraction of the cost and in a more convenient portable format.”

The endoscope-i system has received global interest and will be demonstrated by Single Use Surgical at the world’s largest medical congress, MEDICA, held in Dusseldorf, 20-23 November.

For further information about endoscope-i, contact Single Use Surgical by telephone +44 (0)1226 732 333 or email info@susl.co.uk.