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human med offers 'Pay per Use'

A step forward for everybody:
human med is providing cost-effective use of an expensive operating system

The idea is called: Pay as you go or 'Pay per Use'. And this means that in future every hospital can afford a helix hydro-jet. The system, manufactured by human med AG in Schwerin, the world market leader for operating technologies in surgical water-jet dissection, normally costs an average of 48,000 EUR. To this is added the costs of consumables, which must be replaced after each intervention to ensure the greatest possible safety for the patient. human med could pay for the costs of this consumables business, if the hospital guaranteed a certain number of operations each month using the helix hydro-jet system provided.

Pay as you go, i.e.: payment for use – where possible, this proposal sets a trend in cost-conscious health management in motion. In the case of gentle water-jet assisted operations, which offer the patient a full range of obvious benefits, all parties profit from this. Interested practitioners are asked to contact

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