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halux® Star 50 - True color examination lamp

halux® Star 50

The halux® Star 50 is equipped with an integrated color correction filter. Due to that filter, the halux® Star 50 reaches a colour temperature of 4000K. Skin features are easier to detect and accurate treatments and examinations easier to perform in the intense true color light.

With its 50 W/12 V cold light reflector lamp, the haluxâ Star 50 produces an intense light of 40’000 Lux at 0.5 meter for examinations.

The dual-wall casing reduces heat generation in the operating range and on the body of the lamp to a minimum. This ensures optimum working conditions for users.

The spring-balanced articulated arm means that the haluxâ Star 50 couldn’t be easier to set in position. Furthermore, the enclosed cabling makes the unit easy to clean and care for. As the lamp can be wall-mounted, set on a table, fixed to a rail or mounted on a roller stand, it is ideal for use in any type of room.

In order to meet the high levels of safety and quality required in the medical sector, we orient towards the standard EN60601-1 / EN60601-2-41.

The electronic safety transformer with current and temperature protection 230/12 V provides the basis for long-term error-free lamp operation.