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hLine-Online.com Sets New Standards in Mobile Telemonitoring

HMM Diagnostics GmbH to present hLine-Online.com in November 2012 at Medica in Düsseldorf

hLine-Online.com is a telemonitoring complete system and a suitable infrastructure at the same time: Vital data for different interests are determined with a wide port folio of smartLAB measuring systems. The new generation of the telehealth smartphone hFon measures blood glucose with an unremarkable integrated measuring instrument. The measured data are automatically shown by hFon plus and transferred to the diabetic diary in hLine-Online.com.

„hLine-Online.com is the only system which allows telemonitoring of many chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, the metabolic syndrome and heart problems“, according to Maher Khoury, Managing Director of HMM Diagnostics GmbH.

A specific feature of hLine-Online.com is the mentor function which allows family members or doctors simply to support persons with chronic illnesses. A mentor is a responsible person, who accompanies the patient (the mentee) to reach a better wellness. A mentor can support several mentees. With the mentor function a family member or a doctor can check the vital data of the patient. Besides, a mentor can take over all settings, as for example for medications, measurements or devices.

Another distinctive feature of hLine-Online.com is the alarm function. As a mentor family members or doctors can coach chronically sick persons very easy. A mentor accompanies the patient to reach a better wellness. He can also accompany several “mentees”. With the mentor function a doctor or a family member can check very easily the vital data of the patients. Furthermore the mentor can take over the settings for the patient in the device like drug taking or measurements or for the device itself.

As a mentor one wants to be informed only if something is not in order. This performs the alarm function. If the patient measures regularly and his vital data lie in the given area, the mentor will receive no information.

„The mentor can fix alarm notifications by e-mail and SMS. For Example, if the grandfather has not measured his blood pressure as planned at 8:00 o'clock, the mentor receives at the latest at 8:30 o'clock a notification by email or SMS that no measurement occurred“, explains Khoury.

The easy self management which everybody can pursue is to be emphasised. hLine-Online.com documents all transferred values, interactive status announcements, states added and drug medications or measurements. A report with all information can be provided and dispatched to another person – like a doctor. Mentor and patient can choose their way of communication: by news, chat or video conference.

The easy use of hLine-Online.com is also important: No special settings are necessary in the devices: unpack, put in the batteries and start. The patient or mentor adds the data including the device information in hLine-Online.com which takes over all other. hLine-Online.com puts the devices including date and time. With an information change devices can be changed or added, the system takes over all over.

ANT is used as a transference wireless technology for hLine-Online.com. „Another advantage beside the energy efficiency is the network ability of ANT: We can provide the customer with a network and collect wirelessly vital data in an extensive area without installing network cable or pairing-processes,” explains Khoury.

50 test persons can test the functions of hLine-Online.com from the 22nd of October, 2012 free of charge. To apply for a test access, please go to www.hLine-Online.com. With a click on the banner an application form for the test access will open.

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