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g.Nautilus - new wireless EEG

Wireless EEG System With Active Electrodes

The g.Nautilus system sets a new benchmark in usability, with numerous features that make EEG recording fast, easy, and convenient. Wireless transmission means no more cables to snag on equipment, waste space, and limit mobility. The active, dry electrodes don’t require messy electrode gel or tedious preparation, and users do not need to wash their hair afterward. The lightweight battery lasts 8-10 hours, providing quality recording all day, and can be recharged in a few hours just by setting it on the contactless charging pad. The system is waterproof, making it easier to wash electrodes and other components. Friendly, straightforward software lets you easily visualize different recording channels, perform a wide variety of real-time analyses, adapt various parameters to individual users, and even provide real-time feedback to the operator and user.

All of these usability improvements come at no cost to signal quality. The g.Nautilus system uses advanced active electrodes, high impedance amplifiers, a high oversampling rate, and other technologies to ensure top-quality recording. Peer-reviewed, published studies have shown that our dry electrode systems provide signals comparable to high-quality active gel-based electrodes. The elimination of cables also means no more artifacts resulting from cables, further improving signal quality. The system is highly robust to environmental noise, providing clean signals in almost any environment. Our technology has been validated in a wide variety of homes, hospitals, expositions, and other field settings with substantial electrical noise, and is currently being used in several EU-funded research studies with patients.

Overall, the g.Nautilus system can provide top-quality EEG signals all day with much less hassle and wasted time than conventional EEG recording systems. Most EEG systems require cables, preparing each electrode with gel, limited batteries, hair washing, and bulky equipment. Hence, g.Nautilus is ideal for people who want to record data conveniently and effectively outside of laboratory settings, such as clinicians and occupational therapists, researchers in work or sports psychology, and other people interested in recording EEG in the home or field.