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euca TAX Drug Eluting Stent System bearing a Double Coated Layer

euca TAX DES Double Coating Concept

euca TAX design features a stent platform made of stainless steel coated with a permanent Camouflage® as first layer.
The second and external stent layer presents a biodegradable PLGA polymer matrix, which incorporates the paclitaxel drug. The complete degradation of the polymer as well as the drug occurs approximately in 8 weeks. Afterwards the stainless steel stent surface won’t be exposed to the vessel environment but covered by the lifetime protection of the Camouflage® coating. Camouflage® is the imitation of the natural Glycocalyx, substance that overlays the endothelium. As a result we reduce severely the possible thrombogenical body response provoked by the bare metal stent surface and consequently the appearance of restenosis.

If we consider the figures (MACE, Thrombosis and TLR rates) stemming from our registries, enlisting a high risk patient population, we can certainly claim and promote the safety and effectiveness of our euca TAX Drug Eluting Stent System.

The following publications of euca TAX and Camouflage® are presently available:

euca TAX

• From the “Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 39 (2008) 311–321”
IOS Press: eucaTAX "Clinical efficacy of a DE stent after an elective planned PCI "


• From “The Journal of Invasive Cardiology”: Camouflage in patients with AMI