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enverdis GmbH: Measurement of ABI - More Rapidly, More Objectively, More Reliably

Vascular Explorer with finding ABI

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) is a pathological constriction of the arteries in the arms and legs. In order to detect this disease, in which the constriction of the leg arteries results in poor blood perfusion in the legs, the ankle brachial index (ABI) can be determined (gold standard method: manual measurement of systolic closing pressure using a pocket Doppler).

People suffering from PAOD frequently also suffer from arteriosclerosis in other blood vessels. The risk of stroke is doubled in the presence of PAOD. Every second patient also suffers from calcification of the coronary blood vessels (CHD).

The ankle brachial index (ABI), as arterial parameter, can thus be used to diagnose arteriosclerotic macro- and micro-angiopathies. For this purpose, enverdis developed an innovative measuring method which is commensurate in accuracy to the current determination of doppler pressure, but which is significantly quicker, and provides for automatic and objective analysis.

The special feature of this system is the new, reliable method of measurement of arterial closing pressures, based on the simultaneous recording of pressure curves and a distal plethysmogram.

The enverdis Vascular Explorer provides automatic and precise determination of the ankle brachial index (ABI) and thus helps in the diagnosis of arterial occlusive diseases (PAOD) and peripheral arteriosclerosis. The intuitive software automatically determines the closing pressure in each extremity and uses this to calculate the left and right ABI.

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