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enverdis GmbH: ABI, AIx and PWV - easy to use, reliable diagnosis

Vascular Explorer AIx | PWV
Arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases are common internal diseases that are present in 25% of the adult population in Western industrialised countries. In this context, arterial elasticity is of particular importance, as it changes with advancing age and with the grade of arteriosclerosis. Screening of arterial parameters is thus becoming increasingly important.

Recognised parameters for evaluating arteriosclerosis are the Augmentation-Index (AIx) and central Pulse-Wave-Velocity (PWV). Ankle and foot blood pressure cuffs are used simultaneously in combination with highly sensitive oscillation sensors to record the pulse waves at diastolic and suprasystolic pressure levels.

The Augmentation-Index represents the ratio of augmentation to pulse pressure. Augmentation, as a function of pulse wave reflection, is strongly dependant on pulse wave velocity, which in turn is determined by vascular elasticity.

With its Vascular Explorer, enverdis has developed a device that not only measures Ankle-Brachial-Index, but also AIx and PWV in a user-friendly and reliable way.

The Vascular Explorer can also be supplied with the following optional add-ons devices for cardiological diagnosis:
  • 3/6-channel ECG at rest, including automatic measurement and reports of findings (HES® algorithms) for
    basic electrocardiographic diagnoses.
  • Cardiogoniometry (exercise-free diagnosis of ischaemia within 5 minutes, precision comparable with that of ergometry, automatic interpretation - more detailed information can be obtained from our homepage or at our fair stand)

You will find us at Stand 9B53 - come and see for yourself!
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