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corpuls.net - Central data base information-portal for Emergency Medical Services

corpuls.net - Central data base information-portal for Emerg
The corpuls.net offers a data based system which brings together recorded data and information for the Emergency Medical Services and makes them available to all staff members of the EMS, hospitals and cost centres for further processes and review. corpuls.net offers in detail, medical, operational, tactical and accounting relevant information properly documented and keyword accessible via a PC-client or web-interface. The specific rights of access for individual users are organised in the user administration.

The corpuls.net system can be integrated with hospital information systems which will enable hospital staff to review and use all stored patient data from the rescue operation immediately. Telemedicine applications, such as pre-registration of the patient in the accident and emergency department (ER), or medical consultation are also possible with corpuls.net.

Medical device management is also a feature of corpuls.net providing a complete register of all medical devices within the EMS, including materials management. With corpuls.net it is also possible to document all daily EMS operations via a web browser, furthermore rescue service staff can also make use of this database as a central information and communication platform for the daily routines of the rescue organisation.

The corpuls.net system has been implemented in a cooperation project between the German companies GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH and medDV GmbH. The main goal of the project is to improve the documentation quality and storage of operational and management data. The new corpuls3 defibrillator/monitor system works closely with this ‘Critical Care Documentation and Information Assistant’ called NIDA and in addition the implementation of other medical devices (e.g. ventilation units) is also possible. Further informations: www.corpuls.com or www.medDV.de