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body-jet: gentle liposuction

The body-jet and its use:
Liposuction with pin-point accuracy
The body-jet - a further development of the helix hydro-jet -, which
was launched on the market in summer 2004, is the only system in the world which has been approved for gentle water-jet assisted lipo-suction (WAL). The international CE certificate had already approved it for use throughout Europe. The approval procedures in the USA (FDA) and in China (SDA) are ongoing at this time.
Human med is expecting significant demand for this product, especially from the USA. In the USA, cosmetic surgery is far more widespread and taken for granted than in other countries. However, even in other western states, interest is growing - from completely different sides.
Firstly, the wellness industry is booming: At the same time, the boundaries between medical wellness, anti-ageing and plastic-aesthetic surgery are becoming increasingly blurred. In this hard-fought
market, ever more spas are emerging, which can no longer exist by offering the prescribed cures. They are combining special offers and
highest quality for the patient paying from his own resources, usually a member of the growing number of senior citizens. However, on the other hand, they are often younger people who have a high claim on their body to perfection and in the search for the perfect figure are
happy to resort to “body contouring”.
The body-jet is the best system for liposuction procedures. With its
fine jet of water, whose pressure can be matched to the different connective tissue structures, it is possible to loosen and remove fatty cells on a targeted basis. This protects blood cells and nerves. There
are fewer swellings than with other procedures. During the operation, the surgeon can recognize the outlines significantly better than with other techniques and, when removing the fat cells, can model the transition zones and small areas more accurately. Clearly,
repeat operations are more rarely required. The body-jet is also outstandingly suited to removing sweat glands under the armpits or treating lipoedema on the legs.
In every case, the infiltration technique using WAL clearly causes the patient less pain, which also lowers the amount of medication required. According to information from
Dr. Hartmut Meyer MD, Consultant in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Hamburg (Practice Clinic, Brahmsallee) who, with
450 WAL interventions has most experience in this field, 97 percent of patients during operations under local
anesthetic were free from pain. They can - and will -
move directly afterwards.
The arguments are accordingly fairly convincing. They will be discussed in the target group and change an old saying: Anyone who wants to be beautiful can suffer -
but he doesn’t have to.