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aEEG (CFM) brain monitoring

aEEG (CFM) brain monitoring
Bedside EEG DigiTrack amplified EEG (CCFM) device for general monitoring of brain functions in intensive care.

Use of CCFM

EEGDigiTrack CCFM device allows for many hours of monitoring EEG of the left and right cerebral hemisphere, as well as evaluation of its condition during such events as: desaturation, bradycardia, tachycardia, convulsions, sleep, postanesthetic recovery and other.
EEGDigiTrack CCFM allows monitoring of EEG record while treating convulsions, metabolic and respiratory, as well as other disorders occurring in infants’ intensive care.

Functions of the EEG DigiTrack CCFM device

2 or 4 channel monitoring (trend) voltage of cerebral cortex
Sp02 and Heart Rate monitoring synchronized with EEG (optional)
Possibility of analyzing any chosen fragment of EEG record from left or right hemisphere in terms of frequency of individual waves, determining dominant wave and wave voltage within specific frequencies Marking and analyzing medical occurrences
unique function of automatic marking the record with different colours, depending on the recorded voltage (Normal, EpiLa, Burst-Suppression, Depression).

Possibility of changing parameters and full configuration of the system by the user

Benefits of monitoring using the CCFM method

Reduction of the number and seriousness of early and late neurological complications during infants’ intensive care,
Shortening of the time of hospitalization and reduction of medical costs due to reduction of number and intensity of complications in infants’ intensive care.

Increase in the percentage of surviving infants of low and extremely low weight

Improvement in infants’ quality of life in intensive care
Possibility of monitoring the effects of treating convulsions
Possibility of optimizing medical conduct in intensive care units